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Our Story
Pacific Yard House will be Conroe's newest Restaurant and Music Entertainment Venue featuring a 125-seat dining room; separate bar area; periodic live entertainment featuring local artists and so much more! Menu and other amenities and services are still being determined while we renovate the old Sparkle Ice House located at 101 Metcalf, Conroe, Texas 77301.

History of this historic building goes back to 1907! Located across from the railroad, the building was originally part of a 50-acre tract owned by an unspecified railroad interest back in 1907. Somewhere around 1942, Albert L. Johnson bought this half-acre parcel for $300 - along with several other neighboring lots. By this time, the original building was falling down, so Johnson constructed a 7000-square foot building. This building housed a wash house and dry-cleaning operation on one side, while the other side became Jewell Ice - which was named after Johnson's wife. 

Both were busy operations during this period and very prosperous. The icehouse was the primary source of block and bulk ice in the area. The laundry/dry cleaner part of the business contracted with the local hospital in Conroe that had only two sets of sheets per bed - requiring daily service.

It is unknown why - but the name of the icehouse was later changed to Sparkle Ice and was later purchased and taken over by Fairmont Foods. In addition to ice, a limited line of food staples, sundry items and frozen novelties were also sold. 

Locals have told stories of watching ice hands pick up, move and deliver 50 and 100 pound blocks of ice back in the 50's and early 60's while waiting for the train to arrive. Many used to walk across the street to purchase snacks for their train ride! Additionally, stories have been told of men sitting around tables outside of Sparkle Ice drinking beer and telling their own tales! 

By the late 70's, however, the business fell on hard times. It closed and was slated for demolition. It was at that time a local resident, Pat Moritz and her business partner, Ron Boyd recognized the historic significance of this enchanted building. Ms. Moritz is also known for having saved many hand painted murals on the walls of the Old Liberty Theatre in downtown Conroe. Ms. Moritz and Mr. Boyd later purchased the building. Their original idea was to renovate it and build a restaurant. Unfortunately, Mr. Boyd passed away, so Ms. Moritz began renovating it herself. In 2011, The Conroe Sparkle Event Center made its debut. The event center operated until 2016 when it closed permanently. As this venue never had a roof, and was an open-air event facility - slow deterioration has occurred.

In March 2017, local businessman and entrepreneur, Mike Postel purchased the building and has begun MAJOR renovations, including adding a roof to the venue! The outside integrity of the building will remain, along with the original Sparkle Ice logo on the side of the building. 

After breathing new life into this historic structure, the Pacific Yard House opened its doors to the public as Conroe's newest restaurant  on September 1, 2017! Additionally, besides a dining room, the restaurant features a separate bar; a small outside patio; an entertainment stage for periodic live, local acts; catering services; business/party rentals; downtown meal delivery and more!